So, you saw a puppy or adult dog that you absolutely fell in love with and want to move forward in
adopting? I’m sure you have plenty of questions about our process once your application has been
submitted. Let’s take a minute and we will walk through our steps with you!
We only consider applications that have been filled out from the link posted on our Facebook page or through
our website https://www.alabforlife.org/

⇒ How long does it take until I hear back about my application?

We here at A Lab for Life are all volunteers, meaning our incredible volunteers look over
applications when they have a moment of free time. So please, be patient, and allow 5-7
business days for us to review your applications. You will hear back by receiving an email from
Shelterluv on a determination, so keep an eye out and even check your spam folder as it might
push our email to that folder.

⇒ Does my submitted application mean you hold the dog for me?

Unfortunately, no it does not. We experience high volume of applications for our available dogs.
We work on the applications in the order we receive them and they are moved along in the
adoption process.

⇒ Once I receive the email from you and follow the next steps in the email what happens next?

Once you have done what is asked in the email, and again, please remember, we are all volunteers and are trying to
work as quickly as we can to get to everyone; We ask to please be patient and an adoption
coordinator will then reach out to you via email. If we don’t hear from you (because sometimes
emails go to spam folder, so keep an eye out!) we will try reaching out via phone call or text.
*** PLEASE NOTE***   If we are unable to get ahold of you or do not hear back from you, we continue to move forward with other
applicants. This being said if you change your mind on moving forward with us please just let us know.
Once we get ahold of you, we will then set up a great time for both you and an adoption
coordinator to go over all the details involved in our adoption process.

⇒ Is there anything I can do to help move along the process?

When filling out the application, please fill out fully all the questions asked. If we have to reach
out for missing information, that will push back time for your application to move to the next

⇒ What dogs are available still available?

All of our dogs that are available will show on our website. We also have a Facebook and
Instagram page where we try to post regularly who is still available and looking for their furever
Everyone here at A Lab for Life thanks you for taking the time in letting us help you find your new fur
member and we appreciate all of you very much!
A Lab for Life